I'm not too concerned about what is used to take my images, I try to create a strong image regardless of the technology. It is, after all, the photographer, not the camera that does the work. Having said that, I still do like to take 'happy snaps' and photography for me is also about creating and keeping memories of the things I have done and places visited. Below is a list of some of my equipment, I try to keep a fairly bare-bones set.

Canon EOS 10D 6.3MP DSLR body
Canon EOS 5D 12.8MP DSLR body
Canon EOS 300 film body
Canon Lenses

Kenko Extention Tubes and a Kenko 2x Extender

Cokin X-Pro Filters

Minolta SRT 101b
Minolta lenses

Preferred films:
Fuji Velvia 50
Kodak TMAX 100

I also like the disposable Kodak/Fuji cameras.

Adobe Photoshop CS2.

Meade 10" LX200GPS SCT (viewing and imaging)