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Depth of Field chart

I have uploaded a DOF chart for anyone interested. Hopefully this should make your lives easier when trying to determine where to focus at a given focal length and aperture to maximize depth of field in your images. You can down load it here or drop by here and choose the link to Depth of Field Chart.

Understanding Depth of Field

I was long overdue to update my website and finally got around to it today. I have added a new section to my Understanding page called Understanding Depth of Field. For those budding photogs out there, check it out and have a play. To Michelle (last name not supplied) from the UK. Sorry for the delay in getting this information up. Please forgive.

Snappy update

I have just added a new feature that I read about on another site (thanks Paul). It's called Snap Shots and it's a clever little bit o' code that includes a snapshot image of the site you hyperlink to. It is customisable to your site colour scheme, and you can choose how you want it to display link information. You'll notice little speech bubbles attached to hyperlinks around my site. Click on a few and you'll see what Snap Shots can do.