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Tips to improve your photos

I have added a new page to my understanding section that covers a few simple tips on how to improve your photos. Have a read and then get out and start snapping!

Creating Digital InfraRed images

I have added a new section to my understanding series that runs you through how to create infrared images with your digital camera. I have listed two methods, one using a Hoya R72 filter and one just using photoshop. Personally I prefer the filter method, but it requires an additional piece of kit. Try it out and let me know how it goes.

A Starving Photographer

As I was sitting around thinking of something to do today, I decided to have a look at a website that I hadn't been to in a while.

Mahesh Thapa is the Starving Photographer. His website is one of those where you'll lose hours in if you're not careful. His images are extremely well crafted and the colours positively jump off the screen at you. If you have taken the time to calibrate your monitor you'll be even more impressed.

His photography is the only reason I want to visit the United States (sorry to any Americans reading this), and wander through their National Parks.

I recommend you take a stroll through his images, I especially enjoy the Yellowstone and Grand Tetons gallery. Keep a look out for "Tree Bottoms" and "Teton Fall Puddle".

Mahesh sells his work and it is printed on archival paper with archival inks, expected to last over 90 years. The refund policy states that if the print fades during your lifetime it will be replaced free of charge! ..gotta love that.
After you've seen the quality of his work, you'll want to live for at least 120 years just so you can get a 2nd print for nix.

Check out his work at

Photographic tips by Ken Duncan

Earlier, while I was flipping through Ken's Reflections book thinking of some words I could say in my review, that would somehow sum up the incredible work it represents, and while clicking through his website, I came across some photographic tips he has provided to the world (that's a long sentence, I may have to revise). They make for interesting reading, and if you have a spare 5mins you should check it out.

The section headed "Using what you have" is very true in my opinion.

Have a read of Ken's photographic tips

How to Sharpen only the edges in an image

I have added the first of my Understanding topics. Go have a look and give it a try. This process works very well for all sorts of images, but it's probably not worth the effort if you're only creating thumbnails for the web.

New Contact form

To make it easier to contact me I have added a contact form. Yes I'm like you, I have trouble remembering email addresses unless they're on a bit'o'paper in front of me at the time of writing them. Go ahead and try it out. I have a spam filter...any message with the word test will be unceremoniously thrown over the back fence, where it will be trampled on by the hooves of steers, and buried under numerous cow-pies. "Put to good use" I hear you say.

Transition almost complete

Those that know me, understand my position on Microsoft. I have been working toward removing MS from my home environment for a while now. I transitioned my main PC over to Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop a while ago and have been extremely happy with it.
However, Linux can't run Photoshop CS2, and this was a big stumbling block for me.
Also, the GIMP has proved too much of a mind shift so other options were called for.

Problem solved... move to MAC.

Yes, this did require the purchase of additional hardware, but I was looking for an easy way to store hundreds of photographs while traveling. Buying a MacBook has solved a number of problems in one hit. I got a black one. Once you go black you never go back... I think there's something in that for all of us... don't you?

New website now online

benjohnstonphotography now has its new site. Of course, you will have already noticed if you're here reading this entry. The site will be a work in progress as I fill in bits and pieces and get content organised. The site is built with RapidWeaver and you can check it out here
Rapid Weaver is a nice piece of kit. All "wizard" driven so you can get content up fast and like any good web publishing software it only update with delta copies so it's fast. It was recommended to my by a Mac nut, and I happily recommend it to you. Unless of course if you use Windoez, in which case... best of luck to you Happy