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Review ~ Canon 10D Digital SLR

This is my second review of this camera. The first was on a photographic forum that I can't remember the name of.

I bought this camera brand new in early 2003 as an addition to my film kit, and have used it constantly and consistently ever since.
So after approximately 4 years I feel I now have a depth of experience behind me that allows me to give a true account of this camera in my eyes.
It is true that (when talking about a camera as opposed to photography in general) the lens is everything so I bought myself some 'L' glass and haven't looked back.
I'm not a professional photographer and this is not a professional camera, but you can certainly use it as one. The results straight from the camera, provided you have exposed correctly are brilliant. Don't believe me? Then do some searching on the net.

I have mainly used this camera in RAW mode but I have seen the grey cast over JPEG images that some people talk about. If you use Photoshop you can easily remove this with the unsharp mask. I rarely use JPEG so this is not a concern for me.

The camera is a little slow compared to the latest bodies but this is just a steady march forward in technology and not something you can hold against the camera in any objective sense. Most of my photography is landscape work. It's not going anywhere and I'd rather take my time than rush, and I'm also enjoying the outdoors. Camera speed doesn't concern me in the slightest.

Yes the flash is a little under powered, but it's enough to put a catchlight in the eyes of an animal or person. If you need more, get a dedicated flash. I use the 550EX on this body and it's fantastic.

The LCD is a little small compared to the later models, but I have grown used to it. I also use the histogram and NOT the preview to tell me if I nailed the shot and or clipped the highlights.

No weather sealing. But this isn't a professional camera.

Noise is high from iso400 up. However, NoiseNinja takes care of this brilliantly. But if you convert to B&W then a little noise is ok in my comes down to taste.

I can't say how the automated shooting modes handle as I've only ever used AV, TV and mainly M. But in these modes the camera works extremely well. It is not concerned at all if you, the photographer, wish to take control of the creative process.

Highlights do clip quite easily and this is something you should be aware of. I get around this with two exposures to combine later in PS, or I intentionally under expose by half to one stop if it's critical to get the shot first time. Shadow detail is quite good.

The 10D won't handle the new EFS lens range but these came after the camera so fair enough.

I'd have to read the manual to talk about all the custom functions. I've boosted the saturation just a little but left the sharpening to default, I prefer to control this myself later on.
I use only the centre focus zone when in auto-focus and have this permanently set. Because I'm a landscape shooter I use manual focus 99.999999% of the time with hyper-focal distance.

If I had my time over would I buy another 10D? My oath I would!
As a second hand purchase you can't find better. When it breaks (and it will) I will get it repaired.
I am eyeing off the 5D now but I will always have my trusty 10D. Like my Minolta SRT and Canon film bodies, we've been through too much and covered so much ground to part company now.

No this review is not very objective, but these are my experiences with the wonderful camera. Buy one, enjoy it, take photos, make memories.