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Photography sites worth a look

Here are a few sites that I visit from time to time that are worth a look and hold a wealth of information. ~ monitor calibration


What are our rights?

As photographers in Australia--or indeed anywhere--what are our rights when it comes to taking our beloved images?

I’ve been watching the developments and doing a little reading of my own around this topic. I must admit I haven’t kept up-to-date on the laws that threaten our hobby/profession but I’ve been surfing the web looking to change that.

I won’t duplicate the information here, but rather link to it. I’m also not an expert in legal matters by any stretch of the imagination.

As photographers, we should be informed on what the law says we can and can’t do. Not so we can run rough-shod over everyone, but so we can debate intelligently and in an informed manner should we ever be confronted by someone who has decided to take exception to us taking photographs of something/someone.

I think it always a good policy to ask for permission first. If confronted, be polite and if there is any doubt, put the camera away and leave. I doubt anyone wants that burly security guard confiscating our equipment and perhaps damaging it, even if we are perfectly within our rights to be there. That would be more hassle than it’s worth--as far as I can tell.

Here is some excellent information:,_General_Privacy,_and_Copyright_in_Australia

You an also order this book

If you have any other information that may be useful, let me know and I’ll link to it here.

Motorcycle ride to Longreach

I have recently returned from a motorcycle ride out to Longreach. This trip took me 9 days and was a lot of fun.

Photos can be found here.

My blog of the trip can be found here.

I took my entire photographic kit as a test. I now know exactly what not to take in the future. I have decided to make up a separate camera kit just for the bike as a lot of wear and tear was sustained by my DSLR’s.

Colour profiles for photoshop on a MAC

Today I downloaded a couple of colour profiles for a canvas printing operation. I temporarily forgot where these go on a Mac. So here is where they go for future reference:

HD > Library > ColorSync > Profiles

Incidentally the canvas printing company I’m about to try out is called Genius Printing. I’ll get a print done and report back.

Linux and Photography

I have been rebuilding my PC with Ubuntu Hardy Heron over the past two days. I’ve been running Linux of one flavour or another on it for just over 12 months.

I’ve been checking and watching the Linux world from time-to-time to see how photographers are faring with this OS. The one thing I found in the past that was a real bug-bear was colour management in Linux. It was one of the reasons I went to OS X over Linux 12 months ago. The other being no photoshop for linux. (Yes there is The Gimp but...)

I have a ColorVision Spyder II that I use on my MacBook for colour management and it does a rather good job. Today I decided to do a search to see if there had been any developments.

I came across this site:

This site is full of excellent information on how to get your Linux machines up to scratch with colour managment, along with lots of other usefull information.

Joel Cornuz has done an excellent job putting it all together.