Photography - Bruce Warren


Now this book is certainly a MUST HAVE. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. It covers EVERYTHING! It is a COMPLETE book.

It is published through Delmar which is a devision of Thomson Learning and it's up to its second edition.

Just about any technical photography question can be answered in this book.

Like other books it covers the usual stuff like, equipment and materials, films, cameras, lenses, etc etc...all very boring.
But it covers them in greater detail and also has detailed sections on developing film and prints, the chemicals used, the temperatures required, troubleshooting film exposure problems, print exposure problems, qualities of light, aesthetics of photographs and the history of photography.
It covers advanced darkroom techniques, colour theory, digital photography, how to control tone in your images, how to judge lighting, print finishing and display, photography as a business...the list goes on.

There are also some excellent appendices including how to evaluate professional equipment tests, fractional F-stops and shutter speeds, and a comparison between the + and - system and the Zone system.

What more can I say... you NEED this book!

B & W Photo-Lab - Processing and Printing ~ Julien Busselle


Ok now this book is more for the specialist.
I completed a darkroom techniques course a few years back and it got me hooked on chemical printing in the dark.
This is a thorough look at equipment, film, developers, processing techniques, dodging, and burning.
The last couple of sections are compiled by other darkroom workers who give their insight into practical techniques and how to apply finishing touches like borders, toning, storage and presentation.

Not for everyone, but there is a wealth of information between front and back covers. If you're wanting to create your own darkroom I recommend this as a must read.

Photograph Australia with Steve Parish


What can I say... this is a fantastic book for anyone who "walks with camera".
Steve has not only put some extremely useful information in this book, he's also got it online at

Steve started out taking photos underwater... something I really like to do, but don't get to do too often.

In his book he covers all the usual stuff, but in his own style.
There are chapters like "Motivation" where he asks us questions like; Why have I taken up photography? What will motivate me to keep on making photos? Chapters like "Thinking Creatively" and "Rekindling Playfulness". Sounds a bit like a psych session on recapturing your life before it's gone, and in a way it is. Steve also covers his own personal philosophy... I think there's something in that for all of us...

Not only is this book full of technical stuff, but also full of the "arty" stuff as well.

352 pages jam packed full of great information... I thoroughly recommend everyone has this book.

Check out the book here.

Michael Langford's 35mm Handbook


The problem-solving book for every photographic situation.

Don't believe me?'s right there on the cover.

I have carried this book around with me for years and it was one of the very first photographic "How to.." books I bought. The version I have is A5 so it fits neatly into just about any camera bag.
There is an updated version that covers digital cameras but the version I have is for film. All the content is still perfectly applicable, however.

Michael talks about the different type of 35mm cameras as well as film types, how to solve picture problems, using flash, filters and other general accessories for cameras. He covers topics like controlling contrast, photographing at night and against the sun and sky. There is also a section on special projects that covers things like children and animals, landscapes, seascapes, architecture and nudes.

This is one book I think should be in everyone's camera bag...even if you don't consider yourself a photographer! It is full of common sense, hints and tips for just about any situation you may find yourself holding a camera in. Even NUDES!!! ...oooh aaaah well I never!