After a photographers tools, comes the inspiration. The things that give us inspiration, while sometimes costing less, are worth much much more.

Here I have created a section on recommended reading. I have included in two parts, books that I have found useful and those I've found inspiring.

The How To books are those that teach you something through literal instruction. Generally, I've stopped buying these books, and now just refer to the ones in my collection. The better ones I will review and put under the "Books on how to..." link in the menu.

Don't get me wrong, I don't know everything. However, I do think that once you understand the basics the rest comes from practice, inspiration and a willingness to get out of bed. Which brings me to the second section.

The Inspiring books are those that every wannabe photographer should be collecting. Our collection of inspirational material is what picks us up when we feel we're in a rut. There is ALWAYS a good excuse to go and buy more of these type of books, never a bad one.
Inspirational books don't need to be picture books, a lot of mine aren't. But they do need to excite you to push your boundaries and try new things, experiment, have fun, be creative, make art.

Most peoples inspirational books are probably works by other photographers but they can also be magazines, I subscribe to Australian Photography and Australian Geographic. They can also be travel books, I have lots.

You can't tell much about a photographer by looking at their pile of "how to" books. But if you look at their inspirational pile, you'll see who they really are.

Start collecting your inspiration.

PS. I own all the books I list in both "How to" and "For Inspiriation"